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scioCyto : Cytokine profiling

scioCyto is a high-content analysis service for multiplex cytokine and chemokine profiling on protein level. A great variety of samples such as plasma, tissue, cells or cell cultur supernatants can be used in this robust assay. The complete analysis services comprises all steps from protein extraction from your samples to a comprehensive study report for interpretation of the data.


  • up to 119 cytokines and chemokines analysed in a single assay
  • robust assay with 8 technical replicates
  • most antibodies available for follow-up studies
  • phosphorylation & ubiquitination status on request

Benefits for your research

  • comprehensive cytokine and chemokine signalling information
  • low sample volumes (10 μL plasma/serum)
  • sensitivity as ELISAs
  • analysis possible from plasma/serum, tissue, cells, supernatants, CSF
  • complete analysis service
    protein extraction > bioinformatic data interpretation

scioCyto analysis process




Plasma samples 

  • Immune system activity
  • Immune response profile
  • Biomarkers

Tissue samples

  • Microenvironment analysis
  • 3D cell culture models
  • Immune signalling
  • Inflammation status

Cell samples

  • Cellular signalling
  • Immune cell activation
  • Growth/stimuli profiling
  • Supernatant analysis


 Need more coverage? Have a look at our scioCD or scioDiscover service!

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scioCyto target proteins


scioCyto enables a robust profiling of up to 119 cytokines and chemokines in one single assay from minute sample amounts.

scioCyto target cytokines for profiling




CCL1 ,   CCL2 ,   CCL3 ,   CCL4 ,   CCL5 ,   CCL7 ,   CCL8 ,   CCL11 ,   CCL13 ,   CCL14 ,   CCL15 ,   CCL16 ,   CCL17 ,   CCL18 ,   CCL19 ,   CCL20 ,   CCL21 ,   CCL22 ,   CCL23 ,   CCL24 ,   CCL25 ,   CCL26 ,   CCL27 ,   CCL28
C-X-C motif 

CXCL1 ,   CXCL5 ,   CXCL6 ,   CXCL7 (PPBP) ,   CXCL8 (IL-8) ,   CXCL9 ,
CXCL10 ,   CXCL11 ,   CXCL12 (SDF-1) ,   CXCL13 ,   CXCL14 ,   CXCL16 
C motif XCL1
C-X3-C motif CX3CL1


Interferons IFNA1 ,   IFNG ,   IFNL1 ,   IFNL2 ,   IFNL3


IL-1A ,   IL-1B ,   IL-2 ,   IL-3 ,   IL-4 ,   IL-5 ,   IL-6 ,   IL-7 ,   IL-8 (CXCL8) ,   IL-9 ,
IL-10 ,   IL-12p70 ,   IL-12B ,   IL-13 ,   IL-15 ,   IL-16 ,   IL-17 ,   IL-17B ,   IL-17C ,   IL-17F ,   IL-18 ,   IL-19 ,
IL-20 ,   IL-22 ,   IL-23A ,   IL-25 ,   IL-27A ,   IL-28A (IFNL2) ,   IL-28B (IFNL3) ,   IL-29 (IFN-L1) ,
IL-31 ,   IL-32 ,   IL-33 ,   IL-34 ,   IL-36G ,   IL-37

TNFSF4 (CD252) ,   TNFSF5 (CD154, CD40L) ,  
,   TNFSF7 (CD70, CD27-L) ,   TNFSF8 (CD153, CD30-L) ,
TNFSF10 (TRAIL, CD253) ,   TNFSF11 (CD254, OPG-L) ,   TNFSF12 (APO3-L) ,
TNFSF13 (APRIL, CD256) ,   TNFSF13B (BAFF, CD257) ,
TNFSF14 (CD258, HVEM-L) ,   TNFSF18 (AITRL) 

Cytokine / growth factor activity

Colony-stimulating factors (CSF) M-CSF ,   GM-CSF ,   G-CSF
TGF-Family TGFB1 ,   TGFB2 ,   TGFB3
VEGF-Family VEGF165/VEGF121 ,   VEGFA ,   VEGFC

CNTF ,   CRLF2 ,   CYTL1,
FGF2 ,   FLT3L ,
GDF2 ,   GDF15 ,   GRN,
HGF ,   HMGB1 ,
IGF1 ,   INHBA ,
NGF-beta ,
PLF4 ,


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Need more coverage? Have a look at our scioCD or scioDiscover service!

Our service portfolio

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scioPhospho: protein profiling and phosphorylation status

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scioCyto : Cytokine profiling

scioCyto : Cytokine profiling

scioCyto : Cytokine profiling scioCyto is a high-content analysis service for multiplex cytokine and chemokine profiling on protein level. A great variety of samples such as plasma, tissue, cells or…

COVID-19 related activities and services

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New article | Rapid Diagnostic Platform for Personalized Vitamin B6 Detection in Erythrocytes

| July 2023 | New Article: Fiedler et al. developed a novel methodology for vitamin B6 diagnostics. We supported the project by the production of custom antibody microarray targeting signature human PLP-DE and testing respective samples.

New article | Biomarkers for canine mammary neoplasia

| Mai 2023 | New Article: Galadima et al. used the scioCD assay to analyse canine blood samples in the context of mammary neoplasia. The proteins CD20, CD45RA and CD99 were found at altered levels. The findings were validated by Western Blotting and are suggested as novel serum biomarkers.

Galadima et al. Canine Mammary Neoplasia Induces Variations in the Peripheral Blood Levels of CD20, CD45RA, and CD99 (2023) Int. J. Mol. Sci. 24(11)
New article | Microbiota influences chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer

| February 2023 | New Article: In the study Tintelnot et al. identified a microbiota-derived metabolite that has clinical implications in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Sciomics supported the authors by a protein profiling study of tumours derived from a mouse model upon treatment with 3-IAA and Firinox.

Tintelnot et al. Microbiota-derived 3-IAA influences chemotherapy efficacy in pancreatic cancer. Nature 615, 168-174 (2023)
New article | HAPLN1 potentiates peritoneal metastasis in pancreatic cancer

| April 2023 | New Article: Wiedmann et al. identified HAPLN1 as a prognostic marker and as a and as a driver for peritoneal metastasis in pancreatic cancer. Sciomics contributed a plasma protein profiling of a mouse model to support this exciting study.

Wiedmann L et al. HAPLN1 potentiates peritoneal metastasis in pancreatic cancer. Nature Communications 14,2354 (2023)
New article | Predicting a severe Covid-19 disease

| April 2023 | New Article: In a protein biomarker development project initiated by Sciomics, we have identified protein biomarker panels predicting development of a severe Covid.19  disease.

Hufnagel K., Fathi A. et al. Discovery and systematic assessment of early biomarkers that predict progression to severe COVID-19 disease. Communications Medicine 3,51 (2023)


Dr. Matthew Wright

Chief Scientific Officer, Kinarus Therapeutics AG, Basel, Switzerland

"We are a small biotech company without our own wet labs. Sciomics recommended a UK CRO that performed cell culture experiments for our studies. Sciomics seamlessly coordinated the transfer of the biologic materials to their facility and performed the scioCD panel to characterize cell surface markers and cytokines in cell lines treated with our small molecule drug candidates. The Sciomics data were instrumental in supporting our IP protection strategy. Their advice was very helpful and they worked with us to extract the most out of the data. We are very satisfied and highly recommend the Sciomics platform and the team."

Product: scioCD

Kyriaki Barmpa

PhD Candidate, Developmental and Cellular Biology, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg

"By collaborating with Sciomics, we conducted a detailed analysis of the proteome of striatum organoids, uncovering significant differences that further assisted our research. Their communication was highly efficient, and the results were delivered promptly."

Product: scioPhospho


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