Protein & ubiquitination profiling

scioUbi is a high-content protein expression and ubiquitination level analysis.
With scioUbi you can analyse up to 1,000 proteins in a single assay.



  • Ubiquitination status for more than 1,000 proteins in parallel
    in a single assay
  • 4 technical replicates per sample
  • Comprehensive data analysis and presentation including
    an individualised report
  • Customisation of ubiquitin detection on request

Benefits for your research

  • Two in one: High-content protein expression and ubiquitination level analysis in a single assay
  • Proteins selected for biomedical studies: Central regulators (e.g. mTor, p53), transcription factors, receptors
  • Minimal sample (e.g. tissue or cell culture samples) amounts needed for complete analysis
sciomics scioUbi Ubiquitination And Protein Profiling Biological processes selection of proteins
Biological processes
  sciomics scioUbi Ubiquitination And Protein Profiling Cell Cycle proteins coveredCell cycle: proteins in green are covered by the analysis



Biological effects of

  • protein degradation in health and disease
  • protein activity changes
  • protein interaction alterations
  • drug response (e.g. proteasome enhancers)


  • Interplay between ubiquitination and phosphorylation (see scioPhospho)
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Progression of ageing
  • Cell cycle regulation
  • Proteasome activity
  • Transcriptional regulation
  • p53 pathway regulation
  • Alzheimer pathway regulation


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